Clinton on Libya

The key questions that must be pressed on Obama Administration officials is , “Why is the so-called popular uprising of the people of Libya not succeeding?”

According to the article cited, the key to USA diplomatic policy in Libya is that we are supporting the vast majority of the people who are in a massive revolt against the Libyan government and that this effort MUST NOT be an outside invasion or an imposition of Western military power in Libya.  Yet, the Obama people say okay to missile strikes against the government and its building, cities, telecommunications, ports, roads, airports and citizens.  The Obama people say okay to the use of A10 killer machine low flying aircraft against Libyan uniformed military personnel.  (The A10 can kill  5000 persons in one minute.) Yes, in a minute.  President Obama signs a “secret” protocol, which has the effect of an empowering order, to allow USA military and clandestine forces to supply weapons and training to the rebel army inside Libya.  They also send Special Forces operatives into Libya as attack spotters who call in the coordinates for airs strikes and missile attacks.  USA government operatives under the CIA are actively engaged in fomenting anti Libyan government propaganda.  Yet, all of this is failing to topple the government.  Do you not think that a very weak, unpopular and merely dictatorial gang of a few Libyan leaders would have been routed by now?  Is it possible that the legal and internationally recognized government of Libya is actually supported by the people?  Is Hilary telling us one thing but pursuing an opposite policy?  It is just not true that the government of the USA is attempting to help the Libyan people.  Rather, the USA government is acting as a criminal aggressor in an undeclared war of conquest against the legal government of oil rich Libya.  Our government is doing this to seize control over the national treasure of Libya which is vast oil deposits.  Our government is using an obsequious and compliant United Nations in a betrayal of the very essence of the United Nations Charter. No one may care about Libya, after all it is an arid desert country of dark-skinned arab muslim people.  However, this writer sees in this care-less-ness the same ignorance on the part of the USA citizens that allowed us and the rest of the world to ignore the Nazi genocide against the Gypsies, Homosexuals, Roman Catholics and Jews.  We are involved in Libya in such a way as to justify the charge of “State Sponsored Terrorism” to be lodged against the USA in the same international courts that have accused Serbs, Croats and Sudanese of Crimes against Humanity.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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