What About Sarkozy?

A while back I read in the Daily Beast about the French guy Sarkozy.  It seems like he wanted to have a sweet heart deal with Gaddalfi but he was rejected by the Libyan leader.  As I remember the article the writer claimed that Sarkozy was set to do several things with the proposed deal.  He was going to set up very good business deals for the French companies and at the same time get their money and support for him to stay on as President of France.  But when Gaddafi nixed the deal, that was a shambles.  So Sarkozy supposedly decided to get even and use the naiveté of Barrack Obama and the newness of Cameron to get revenge on Gaddafi.  However, the Russians, who were big business partners with Gaddafi for oil and weapons, were thought likely to intervene.  Sarkozy then convinced Obama to use Hilary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Gates to convince Menvedev to back down.  They succeeded and the Russians did not veto the criminal oil war.  Old war hound Putin realized at once the double cross when the Brits and the French attempted to obliterate the Libyan government under the pretext of protecting civilians. (Obama is still falling for that line according to his joint British press conference with Cameron.  Or Obama is so enmeshed in the political deceit of the Libyan aggression that he will not confess he was wrong.  Does Obama ever think he was wrong?  Probably he does but he never admits it to anyone preferring to slaughter innocent Libyans under the guise of humanitarian aid delivered by cruise missiles.)  However, Menvedev is running for political survival in Russia and used his Presidential authority and powerful Russian backers to stopper Putin.  At this point I wonder as to the rest of the behind the scenes story?  Do any of my readers have further information they can share about the politically vicious Zarkozy, or maybe even contrary evidence to exonerate the French war monger? Please post and share your information and insights into this oil war against the Libyan people.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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