Silent Churches?

Amazing that the major Christian denominations are silent as the Obama Administration bombs the government and the people of Libya into submission.  I will no longer say that the USA is doing this because although there IS finally a resolution in the Senate to legitimate the Obama aggression, its proponents are the war monger John Mc Cain, and the swift boat navy guy, Kerry!  Besides the Obama administration said today that it is talking to the Congress about its use of military personnel for war in Libya but that it DOES NOT NEED NOR SEEK their approval.  All beside the point of this blog.  I am amazed at the USA and world Christian community’s silence about this blatant “Resource War” of the Western Imperialist nations of Britain, France and Belgium,–backed by USA and silently assented to by Russia, (shame on Putin for cowardly acquiescence to this Western Imperialism. I guess Russia is now  another of the capitalist nations. ) Anyway, the Arab Muslim communities are also silent as the NATO military alliance bombs this Arab Muslim nation into oblivion.  The rebels ae not civilians, they are armed and dangerous.  They are rebels and in any of the NATO counties such persons seeking to forcefully overthrow their government would be arrested.  Obviously the Libyan government would do the same but the rebellion is fostered, promoted, armed, trained and protected by NATO and as is well-known, the combined forces of NATO are fully condoned and supported by Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama.  (By the way, what is the tax bill for this undeclared and illegal war?) Not to let any of the others religions off the hook, because the Dalai Lama, the Grand Rabbinic Societies, the Shinto reps, the Confucians, the Hindus, Wicca, and the whole Green movement are also silent.  The only voice that has spoken out against the war and pleaded for peace, is the voice of Pope Benedict XVI of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican State.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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