Joe the Plumber and Rodney King for President.

This is a serendipity entry.  But I was thinking these thoughts, so I decided to share them.  We all remember these two guys, Rodney and Joe.  What ever happened to them when they no longer served the media interest? Rodney was beaten by the cops and his famous statement was, “…Can’t we all just get along?”  A worthy sentiment and one which I have considered often.  Rodney is not a Poet nor the son of a Poet, but his words ring true today as much as they did as he lay stricken and smitten on the pavement of that city.  Joe was a celebrity for a while because the conservatives found him a darling until , well until what?  Actually, I can only remember that he was an unemployed plumber who spoke candidly to candidate Barrrack Obama.  Where is he now?

Actually, like the media at the time, I too, am using them as symbols of something greater than themselves.  The symbol, I will pose in a question.  “Is it necessary for someone to raise one billion dollars in order to become the President of the USA?”

I do not mean that Joe or Rodney have the “right stuff” (whatever that is) in order to be President.  But I do mean to ask the question, “Are the American people smart enough to elect one of their own to be President?”  I infer by this that  all of our Presidents, let’s say from Franklin Roosevelt to Barrack Obama have been “groomed” to be President.  But I do not think that those who did the grooming were “ordinary citizens who went to work for a living, raised a family and attended the local church.”  Rather, they were and still are, the “big” people at corporate headquarters, or media headquarters, or news headquarters.  The pickers and the groomers of our Presidential candidates are the “big boys.  Yes, I do think that they are mostly men, although today there is a smattering of women.”

So what about the Joes and the Rodneys?  They are you.  They are us.  And they will never be President.  But there is one thing.  OUR VOTE.  At least for now, our elections are honest.  Therefore, the “would be’s” need us.  Can they count on you no matter what?  Are you a Teachers Union member or an AFL CIO member who the Democrats consider “safe”?  Are you black and therefore since 95% of you voted for Obama in 2008, the President considers you “safe.”  Are you a far left Liberal who supports Maoist political philosophy and quasi Communist social policy?  You too are taken for granted by the Incumbent.

But that still leaves the rest of us.  The pundits like to call us the “Independents.”  But they are wrong.  Most of us are either Democrats or Republicans, although we may not be declared.  Our difference from the safe people is that we actually do listen, we actually do ponder the various positions and we actually do have a personal political philosophy that is not defined by the Union, or the University, or the current political effete.

As we enter the presidential race, are we up to the task?  Will the independent Republicans allow themselves to be stereotyped and ghettoized by the libelous label of “tea baggers”? Will the independent thinking Democrats allow themselves to be taken for granted and goaded into a “plague on both houses” attitude which allows them to mechanically pull the lever for the President?  It all waits to be seen.  But can you imagine a real dark horse, who has a good heart and a good mind and a good soul and who has the innate ability to use the apparatus of government in order to make the right decisons?  Could such a one ever be President.  Many will answer,”No.”  But in fact, it is possible, because America is for now, a free land and the people really do decide.  So, let’s see what happens.  Maybe it IS the only thing that we can do.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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