IMF Guy, Political Brutality in the Public Square

IMF chief is arrested and this really important guy goes to an ordinary jail cell at the precinct. Wow!  And he is a leading contender against Sarkozy for President of France and no body knows who he is and nobody cares, including the French, American, German, and British embassies.  I guess they just thought to let the guy rot in jail.  Then he is arraigned before a magistrate and denied bail!  An amazing judgement when so many other “hollywood types” get bail?  So they cart his @!@ off to Riker’s Island and keep him under very close scrutiny for ever minute so that the guy cannot take a dump without somebody watching.  They said it was for fear of suicide or was it because they didn’t want him talking to anybody, calling anybody or the like?  Then we read repeated statements (even from the US Government) that the accused, (who under our law is innocent until PROVEN guilty) – that he absolutely must resign his high power, prestigious, and internationally important job.  So, as he languishes in Riker’s with the pimps, the perps, the bashers, bunglers and other bums, this guy is informed that maybe he will still be denied bail.  He pleads for release and offers very stringent rules for himself.  Still not enough.  Then he finally agrees to resign his job and suddenly, like magic, he is granted bail.  Meanwhile the NYC detectives are scouring the hotel room, cutting up pieces of the carpet in search of semen samples and otherwise spending an enormous amount of our Tax dollars in order to PROVE that they are right and this guy is a rapist?  (I don’t think the LA police did that much for Nicole Simson) while her husband was riding his car all along the Freeway?  And how quaint it is that at the exact same time that all this is happening, his rival for the Presidency of France announces that he and his lovely domesticated wife are having a baby and so they pose for photos as the perfect humble domestic French citizens while this guy is photographed as a thug, a rapist, and a criminal who forces himself on the poorest of the poor and the most helpless of the helpless.  As a novelist, I could never have thought this stuff up but I wholeheartedly believe that politicians can!!  Folks, I don’t care about this guy.  But I watch out for myself and my children and grandchildren.  And since all of them are part of the USA system, I am very vigilant about what that system does and is allowed to do.  Now, I must wonder that if I am right and this is a political murder carried out in the public square using the forces of the system to destroy a political enemy– well, if the system can so easily be abused against the powerful, then I fear of what it is capable of being used to do against me and mine.  Therefore, unlike the mob of pundits in the news who want this guy’s head on a spike, I want every single effort made to defend him, protect him from political murder and to prove him innocent (if he is innocent).  Why?  Because I thereby protect myself when my enemy accuses me of a crime that is very hard to disprove.  I mean they were smart enough not to have the maid raped only attempted rape.  At least in a rape you have the brutality to the body that is easily proved in such a short time.  No, this is only attempted rape, one person’s word against another’s, with the police scouring the carpet for semen!!  As a juror, such proof only indicates that he spilled himself onto the carpet!  (forgive the bluntness of the statement but this is serious stuff.)  So what now?  Well, we spend a lot of time and a lot of money to prove to ourselves, (by the way is it clear that we little people are the victims in all of this as our rights are limited, our civil security forces used for political purposes and our taxes spent on a trial to prove to us we were right.)  All the while, the perpetrators of this travesty are satisfied and have already moved on because their goal has been accomplished.  This man is disgraced, he has resigned and his enormous power destroyed.  Could it happen to us?  Yes, it can and that is the only reason I am writing an approach to all of this that is plausible and must be considered.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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