Limbaugh On Gingrich

Newt Gingrich speaks his mind.  There is a sense of sincere integrity when he talks to a topic.  It is often professorial and therefore intends to inform and be informed.  Good teachers, and I think that Speaker Gingrich is a good teacher intend to have an exchange of ideas concerning the topic at hand.  I think that is what Newt does and in a perfect world of reasonable people he would get a fair exchange of reason based discussion on any given topic.  However, in the world of politics, a professorial approach is quickly turned into a “them and us” approach.  Politics in the USA, at least under this Democrat administration, is not about finding the best way for America to govern itself.  Instead, as with ObamaCare, it is Obama’s way only.  All fair-minded Americans and I believe Speaker Gingrich to be fair minded, are required by Obama and his regime to first enact into law the Obama agenda BEFORE there can be civil discussion about the meaning and purpose of the Obama agenda.  So, it is not unexpected that when Newt Gingrich is consistent with his 1993 position on healthcare insurance, people react with surprise and dismay.  They are surprised because it is rare that a political figure is honest and honestly seeking discussion as to what is best for America and its self-government.  They are dismayed because they conclude that such honesty will be rewarded with the standard political answers of stereotyping, labeling and name calling.  In this blog May 16th, I called for Representative Paul Ryan to be drafted by the Republican party as its Presidential candidate in 2012.  That was my feeling before Huckabee and Trump decided not to run.  That is still my opinion, because Representative Ryan has the “right stuff” for America.  What is the “right stuff”?  Simply put, Representative Ryan loves America.  Yes, “loves” is the word.  He has the highest possible regard for the USA, its people, military, firefighters, and police.  He serves honorably in the federal structure but he has a strong and healthy respect for the state and local governments. He is a man of ideas without being an ideologue.  We have an ideologue in the White House now, and as is true of ideologues, Obama regards his own positions and agendas as the only TRUTH which must be enacted and enforced. Newt Gingrich is good for America.  His intellect is highly regarded because he is an intellectual.   His ideas for America are well thought out and consequential, although they may not be perfect.  His perception of what needs fixing and what can remain is usually accurate, and his willingness to stand up and therefore stand out in the public square is a tribute to his conviction that American is a nation of ideas.  In previous elections the citizens were presented with the idea that the Candidate’s “vision” for what America should be was most important.  That “vision” concept was okay as long as the holder believed wholeheartedly in the country he sought to lead.  Sadly, we learned from 2008, that the candidate we elected does not even like the America he inherited, (and not just the Bush years), that President Obama feels that the USA is fundamentally flawed, unfair, racist and in need of fundamental transformation.  Many today now understand that the change was not from Republican to Democrat, nor from GW Bush to BH Obama but a change of regard for America.  Now we understand that President Obama is not merely polite when he bows to sheiks and kings and emperors.  He sincerely believes that America should bow to others.  He sees us not as a “shining beacon of freedom” but merely as one of many nations, all of which are equally qualified to lead the world!  And now that we understand that a “vision” can be the wrong vision, we are confronted with different criteria for Presidents.  The primary criterion of 2012 will be honesty.  Is the Candidate telling us the truth?  Or does the advertisement mask a different reality?  Is the glib speech of the President merely a carnival trick to entertain us while the truth is hidden behind the curtain?  This writer believes that Newt Gingrich and Paul Ryan can be believed.  So, as citizens we can be confident that what they tell us is their idea accurately reflects their intention.  Now we will need to encourage them to lay out the details, (Ryan already has) and explain the meaning and implications of what they propose.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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