Is Paul Ryan In?

Paul Ryan is my endorsed candidate for the President of the USA.  Huckabee is out.  Trump is out.  Gingrich made a huge error is his refusal to change his mind on mandatory health care.  Romney refuses to acknowledge that his health care proposals bankrupt Massachusetts.  So the old boys are falling fast.  And the second tier?  Santori is a nice guy but he lost his Senate seat and maybe like Nixon he can be the comeback kid, but not for me.  Michelle Bachmann.  Nice lady.  A good conservative.  Not afraid to stand out there and get battered while many of  the men hide;  a tea party endorser good for me.  And then there is Congressman Paul Ryan.  He went head to head with his party in  order to get out the Ryan Plan.  Not perfect but a hell of a lot better than no plan at all. ( Yes, Obama is trying to steal the major thrusts of the plan, but Obama is a perpetual copycat!) Give me the original. Congressman  Ryan has held out in a State which is predominately Democrat.  Why?  I believe because his inner core of true Pro America values and his clearly obvious integrity, honesty and grit have been there for all to see.  I think that his values are important because I want a President who loves American hands down and no questions asked!  We do not need another President who is not proud of America, does not like the people of America, including police, firefighters, and military-all of whom President Obama has disdained in one forum or another. Ryan has also gone head to head with those who claim that entitlements cannot be creatively handled.  His Ryan Plan shows that if we have the “guts” to do it, we can protect those who are currently entitled, fund for future entitlements and give to future generations a better, more generous and healthier America.  How?  By simple math and gutsy, good old American grit, which faces reality, analyzes the problem, generates creative and rock solid solutions and then applies the one thing that has always made America great COURAGE.    Yeah, Obama can dismiss Congressman Ryan as a “Nice guy” and a “…man who wants to make himself America’s accountant…”  But such mocking derision on the part of the President is itself demeaning to the office of President, shows the President to be more politician than statesman, and actually highlights a fact that is the reason why we need Ryan.  He knows economics, he understands government, he is good with numbers and therefore he will be able to handled the 14 trillion-dollar Obama deficit.  Ryan will be able to deal forcefully with our Chinese creditors.  He will be able to curb our insatiable Federal workforce, while dealing with them fairly and as a fellow American.  As a Congressman for many terms, Representative Ryan understands the spend and tax ways of the Executive Branch and the Congressional branch.  Since, he was never a Governor, he will not be swayed by Executive privileges and therefore higher taxes.  As a Congressman, he will not be swayed by spend and tax congressional profligacy. Representative Paul Ryan is not seeking the Presidency.  He is thinking about the US Senate.  GOOD.  We really don’t need another former Senator with stars in his eyes to match his pearly white teeth. We need someone who will become President only when we drag him kicking and protesting.  Paul Ryan would be honored to be our President but I don’t believe that he seeks it.  He most certainly does not seek it for his glory, a refreshing wind in light of our current President and too many of the wantabe candidates.  So crowd, take a look at Congressman Paul Ryan.  And if you want a very qualified “accountant”  Yes- we should never be ashamed to seek “professional” advice! and if we want a reasonable, center of the road, full blooded Pro America candidate, well, lets get him and drag him kicking and protesting into the White House.  You know, history shows that in times of peril, those who most want the job are not the ones we need.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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