Obama Cannot be Excused from Libyan “Resource War”

NATO is backed by the USA.  Every time that they strike against the people of Libya, the USA has given the okay.  This is a war of western imperialist colonialist France, England and Belgium against the people of Libya.   It is a war of criminal aggression as clearly defined by the Geneva Accords, the Nuremberg Trials, and the United Nations Protocols against member States using their armed forces against member States.  Let’s not forget that Libya has the greatest untapped oil reserves in North Africa, and its quality is rated as the “best”.  This is a Resource War by the Western nations against Libya.  The goal is the Oil.  Amazing, that the USA Liberals are okay with this when they were violently opposed to Iraq because they said it was a Resource War!  Also, this is a racial war against Arabs and Muslims.  It is amazing that whenever the NATO forces are proved to have killed a lot of civilians, they claim that the target was a legitimate Command and Control center.  Friends, we all remember that this started because the USA claimed that we needed to protect civilians caught up in the cross fires of a Libyan Civil war.  Then the UN passed resolution 1973 which said that NATO  (which is a Western European Military Alliance) could “…use all necessary military means to intervene…”  Imagine that, a blank check for killing, slaughter and mayhem given to France, England and Belgium.  Friends, look up on Google the horrific Colonialist and Imperialist history of these European Aggressors.  This war borders on genocide.  Why?  Because of the arbitrary power given to NATO to define who is civilian and who is not.  From the beginning the NATO European Military Alliance has defined the government of Libya as military and all of the rebels as civilians.  Therefore, NATO feels justified in brutally attacking the military forces of the central Libyan government as they defend themselves against an armed rebellion.  Please note that in the USA the use of armed force in an attempt to overthrow the Washington DC government is considered treason and the penalty is death.  As a matter of fact, if an armed rebellion happened in the USA, the military would be authorized to use lethal force against armed USA citizens in order to put down the armed rebellion.  Is there really a difference between Libya and USA in this matter?  Yet, the self righteous Western NATO military alliance struts its stuff across the world stage as the savior of civilians in Libya saying that its efforts to deliver humanitarian assistance have resulted in 2300 military attacks against the central government of Libya, that’s right!- two thousand three hundred sorties against the government of Libya and in favor of the rebel army which is led by disgruntled former Libyan Security officers, and disaffected former Libyan Army officers.  Shame on the USA for supporting such egregious criminal aggression against the innocent people of Libya.  It is the civilians who are suffering the worst and NATO says it will help them with more missiles, bombs, and drone assassination planes.  This can be ended.  All the the USA President  Obama has to say is STOP and all of this carnage will end.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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