NATO Tells the Truth While Denying it is the Truth?!

“NATO has been intensifying air strikes in several areas of Libya against Gaddafi’s troops in a bid to weaken his campaign against a rebel uprising. The sound of two air strikes could be heard in Tripoli early Friday, though it was not immediately clear what they targeted.” – AP report

The double speak of the NATO military Alliance against Libya must be exposed.  As I wrote in these blogs before, that if one side  always calls the other side “Liar” then there is no hope of reconciliation.

Sadly, it will be up to Russia to bring this to an end. President Obama of the USA is complicit in the aggression and racial war against Muslims, Arab Libyans.  I hope that Putin, who has already spoken out against this aggressive Resource War, can overcome the reticence of the Russian President and act as the peace broker in this terribly unnecessary war.  How can Obama be excused for his lack of leadership here.  This is a Western Crusade against a Muslim Nation.  How does the President sleep with himself?  Maybe he takes a pill to smother his weakened conscience?  President Obama can live up to the dream of the Noble Peace Prize by saying to NATO “Stop.”  But he doesn’t!  Is he a mafia chief?  Is he a stooge of the big international oil companies?  Is he the patsy for France and Britain?  Whatever, he is?  and I think a lot of people are wondering out loud about his duplicity,  he is not the great moral leader he pretends to be.  It is starting to look as though he is merely another two-bit Chicago mafia organizer!

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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