Western Hypocrisy Regarding Libya!


Another stunning act of white European hypocrisy against Libya.  This shows the complete lack of moral authority on the part of the Dutch “International” court.  It is obviously a shameless and brazen army of Western Imperial Colonialism which is waging a “Resource War for Oil” in Libya but calling it humanitarian aid to civilians.  Amazing that in Sierra Leone, nothing happens.  In Darfur, nothing happens.  But in oil rich Libya, the government defends itself against an armed rebellion, (you must surely know that in the USA, an armed attempt to overthrow the government is called treason and the punishment is death.).  When the new attacks to try to murder Gaddafi were launched this week, NATO bragged that they had sent 2300, yes, two THOUSAND and three hundred bombs, missiles and drones against the government forces of Libya as they fight the armed rebellion.  But as pointed out previously, peace is possible in Libya if Obama will only say the word, STOP.  But he does not and will not because he is committed to this France and Britain led criminal aggression against Libya.  Really folks, if the rebels were a real and wide-spread uprising of the people, why is the rebel army so very small, not supported by the true “civilians” who want peace and a return of their security? It is only reasonable to assert that the NATO effort is an illegal war, when a naval blockade, a no fly zone, and over two thousand three hundred sorties against Gaddafi have not produced a shattering of the tribal ruler-ship of the Libyan nation.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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