Obama Certificate of Live Birth


Glad to see it.  Let’s go on with legislation and the Ryan Budget plan.  But one does wonder why the President kept this certificate away from the public.  It was so easy for him to produce it and it would have saved all of us a lot of trouble.  He says he was amused that so many people worried about this item.  Well, although I am glad to see it, I must admit that I am annoyed at the President for refusing to produce this document before.  Now, before anyone reading this thinks, “well, Obama just cannot win”  let’s all remember that this has been a distraction for over two years.  The President is amused about it.  Now, finally, he reluctantly produces the document.  Actually, it is good politics to keep it hidden, have a whole lot of people accuse you of being a liar and then to produce the document so as to discredit those people.  Hey, if that’s the way he wants to play, then all of us had better watch what else he is amused about.  Anyway, what’s done is done and we really do need to get onto the Paul Ryan Republican plan for saving the USA from financial suicide.


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