USA Spending will kill the People under 250K.

The above link is to a newsletter that I get in my e-mail.  I do not endorse any product nor recommend any product that you may be able to click to on the page.  But I do think that the writer of the newsletter explains very well the potential crisis USA is facing if we do not carry out the Ryan Plan.  Representative Paul Ryan is doing us a patriotic service is authoring this plan for a financially strong USA.  We need to support the Ryan Plan through this Congress by e Mailing our representatives and especially our Senators to demand that the Paul Ryan plan be brought onto the floor of the Senate for vigorous and honest debate.  Senator Harry Reid has stated that the Ryan Plan is dead on arrival.  Who the hell is this man? Is he the dictator of the Congress?  Does he have the right to refuse a bill from the House of Representatives, calling it dead on arrival?  It seems that he does and this is wrong.  If the will of the 495 congressman can be stopped by the procedural tactics of one Senator, then the people must object and demand the bill be placed before the full Senate for consideration.  Let John Mc Cain stop running to Libya to support a ragtag group of disgruntled former army officers and stay home. Let Mc Cain take to the floor and the lobby and the offices of the Senate to demand debate on the Ryan plan instead of globetrotting in support of increased USA aggression against Libya.  Friends, we really need to get strict with our elected representatives and require them to stay on the job, in the Congress and get things done.  Also with the Prez. and not have him campaigning all the time on our dime.  He needs to sit at his desk and get the job done.  Does he ever sit at his desk or is it all B Ball, golf, and nightly disco parties with the elite contributors?  For a man of the people, Obama hangs around with a gang of powerful Corporate and Union rich people!


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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