UN Refers to Gaddafi as “Government”


The above article is a simple and clear indication that the Western powers are liars and the UN is also duplicitous.  The article clearly states that the negotiations over humanitarian aid were with the Libyan “Government”.  That means the legitimate government ( dictatorship or otherwise) of the sovereign Nation of Libya.  As stated in this blog repeatedly, the UN was duped by the Obama administration and the Obama Administration was duped by the French colonialists and the British Imperialists.  The illegal criminal aggression against Libya should be halted immediately.  The rebel army officers and other disgruntled individuals should be told that they are on their own and arrangement made with the Gaddafi government for a restoration of peace and international harmony.  In fact, I outlined these procedures in another article.  Today I would add that because the NATO forces attacked the legal army, navy and air forces of Libya, they should be charged with war crimes at the Hague based on the Geneva conventions and the Nuremberg trials of WWII. If that will not be done, then the NATO countries, especially France and England should be charged for the carnage and forced to pay a whopping sum of money to the Libyan people to be administered by the Libyan government under UN oversight.  The people of Libya have suffered terribly because of the stupid war started by Sarkosy, Cameron, and Obama.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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