NATO Claim Indicates Error.

The French and The British tried to fool the USA into thinking that Libya was in a state of civil war against Gaddafi.  They further tried to topple the Libyan government by using the ruse of humanitarian support for beleaguered civilians.  The early days of UN sanctioned support have given way to lesser USA support and a worldwide rejection of the British and French lies.  The Libyan people were not in general uprising against their government.  The rebel army was a motley crew of ragtag insurrectionists, disgruntled former army officers, and Al Qaida operatives. The Libya government was not crumbling under the leadership of a maniacal dictator and the army of Libya remained loyal to the government.  Therefore, the Brits and the French want to increase ground attacks against Libyan Army personnel and equipment in order thereby to topple the government, cripple Libyan domestic organization, create general hardship and disruption of security and to install a unknown, untried, and disorganized array of anti Gaddafi leaders, all of whom had previously fled the nation and were living comfortably in France and Britain while the good people of Libya tried to cooperate with the government and through processes of consistent and loyal opposition to the regime gain concessions and internal improvements to the lives of the ordinary Libyan citizen.  These efforts were recognized by both the Bush (43) and Obama administrations who sent high level diplomats to Tripoli and by a process of identifying past wrongs, (Lockerbie) the payment and the acceptance of the payments as restitution for Lockerbie, and pledges of greater cooperation with the West and promises of increased democratic freedoms in Libya, achieved significant progress toward promises of  measured democratic freedom in Libya. Now, by a process of criminal aggression, the Western European Nations, backed by a naive and inexperienced President, have destroyed not only all improvement, but because of their own diabolical attempt at a new capitalist colonial imperialism in Libya, have ignited fears throughout the region that they will attack other nations and destroy them as well.  President Obama is right to stay in a support role and should be bolder.  He should withdraw support for attacks against Libyan government forces because it is obvious that the general population is not in rebellion against the government.  Secondly, President Obama should respond through formal diplomatic channels to the Libyan government with reassurances that formal and not back channel diplomatic engagement for a resolution of the criminal aggression is desired.  Thirdly, the President should remove the “Gaddafi must go” statement with assurances that the USA is not a party to regime change imposed by aggressive former colonial and imperialist nations. And the USA will withdraw all special forces personnel, trainers of the rebels, secret CIA agents, and clandestine USA fighters from Libya.  Fourthly, embassy should be made to the Tripoli government with promises that build on the three above, to include money payments by US oil interests for the rebuilding of the destroyed security and infrastructure of Libya in return for free and fair access to Libyan oil deposits.  In return, the Libyan government will agree to a gradual, guaranteed, long term process of democratization of Libya in cooperation with USA diplomatic missions and overseen by joint commissions of Libyan government and American diplomatic personnel.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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