Abandon Libyan Rebels

A month ago the governments of the world were dealing with Libyan Leader Gaddafi.

The idea was to legitimate the government there, include Libya inside the world community, enlist their aid in fighting terrorism and gradually ease the Libyan government toward more democracy.  It seemed to be working.

What Happened?  French President Sarkozy was sinking in public opinion polls and so was President Obama.  So they resolved to start a nice little war against mostly rural Libya and when it was won they could portray themselves a world leaders.

So the boys chose what seemed an easy target and without any provocation from Libya they went to the UN, to get  a resolution to use any and all force needed to defend civilians from Libyan government attack.  What nobody knew at the time was that the French British and USA leaders intended to include protection of the Libyan rebel forces under the category of civilian while casting the Libyan army as the mercenary forces of Colonel Gaddafi. So for the past several weeks, under the ruse of a so-called “no fly zone” the USA and NATO forces have launched a merciless air WAR against the Libyan government ground forces, destroying their armaments and ground vehicles intending to make it impossible for the Libyan government to defend it against an armed rebellion, and thereby guarantee the victory of the insurrectionists against the Libyan Army.

The result> defeat for America.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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