Can Obama Grow Up?

President Obama needs to grow up into the national and international leader that the USA needs.  So far the President has played the blame Bush game.  A game which is childish at the core and essentially a cry baby approach to government.  Connected with this has been the victim game.  The President is always crying that it ain’t his fault.  It’s those nasty other guys.  All too often the Obama scolds America about a wide range of things, essentially saying that America is not worthy of him.  If he isn’t scolding us he is apologizing for us to the world.  He started this apologizing even before he was elected and has continued it as he bowed to the feudal Saudi king and the Japanese Emperor.  Now instead of wagging his finger at us, he is lecturing us about being adult as we face the trillions of dollars of debt he has foisted upon us.  Of course, it could not be his fault, he inherited all of the problems! Well fine, if you want to accept his excuse, but all he is doing is making matters worse.  Like war in Libya.  It is very disturbing to see the USA join with imperialist England (look at their so-called British empire!) and colonialist France, their colonial period was even uglier, and also with Belgium, whose King Leopold was the butcher of the Congo, killing hundreds of thousands of Africans and enslaving the rest. Together with these NATO allies we attack and decimate a north Africa Arab Muslim nation of only 5.5 million.  Our rockets, bombs, and Gattling gunned A-10 anti-personnel planes  (capable of killing about 1000 people a minute) are viciously arrayed against the army of the government of Libya.  I guess that since they soldiers are pro Gaddafi it’s okay to slaughter them.  Oh, and by the way, for a nation to wage war against another nation without a declaration of war is considered by the Law of War to be criminal aggression.  That applies as well to Iraq and Afghanistan.  But you say, the UN okayed it with that cowardly phrase that the USA could use all means necessary (who defines necessary?) to protect civilians.  Yes, but siding with the rebels against the government and assisting them in their war against the government makes us Partisans.  Did you know that the Law of War allows Partisans to be summarily executed if captured?  Gaddafi sent the President a letter which it seems is treated as a joke by Obama.  However, we have dealt with Gaddafi as a legal head of State as late as two months ago.  The letter was delivered through diplomatic channels and was accepted by the USA government at the hands of an embassy from Gaddafi.  These actions translate into continued recognition of the Gaddafi Government as the legal representatives of Libya.  The mature, adult, and internationally recognized response to accepting such a missive is for the head of State who read the letter to respond in exactly the same manner, namely a diplomatic letter responding to Gaddafi and delivered through diplomatic channels by an embassy to Libya.  Hey, those are the rules for responsible adult citizenship in the world of international diplomacy, (I don’t make the rules) and it is infantile for the Obama Government to embarrass the nation by acting cavalier in this matter.  If you give no respect then you get no respect.  And it does us no good to dismiss an Arab leader, no matter how we dislike him.  Such a dismissal can rightly be understood as an arrogant disrespect for Arab Muslim leaders in general.  So grow up President Obama, get with internationally recognized norms and become the adult leader that the people of the USA need for times such as these.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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