Glenn Beck VS. Bill O’Reilly

In an off-handed way it is amazing to watch the third highest rated cable news show end.  I remember talking with some friends about Bill O’Reilly and how he had changed since his interview with Pres. Obama.  Do you remember that soft ball interview where O’Reilly allowed Obama to dominate the hour?  And do you remember that last question that O’Reilly asked Obama?  Leaning over toward the President and speaking with very strong emotion and heartfelt sincerity, Mr. O’ Reilly asked Obama, ” What can I do to help you, Mr. President?”   My friend said that the answer that Obama probably gave to O’Reilly is ” Get rid of Glenn Beck.”  And so here we have it.  O’Reilly, who often smirked and laughed at Beck, and took Beck along on a Comedy tour, thereby underlining that Beck was really a Comedian and not someone to be taken seriously, well, O’Reilly wins, Obama wins, Beck is out and the 2.2 million followers of the Glenn Beck show are the losers.  Sad really.  But not outside the brutal business of todays cable companies. No matter what O’Reilly and Fox say in the future, it is all about income and advertisers.  No wonder Media Matters and George Soros are so happy.  Amazing that MSNBC could keep Obermann so long but Fox gives the ax to Beck in such a short time.  I wonder, does Bill O’Reilly really have that much power.  It’s only an opinion, but from here, it looks like he does.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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