Stop the Libya War.

The rebels state that they will be a nation of law and respect all
international agreements, treaties and commitments made by Libya, heretofore.  Well that is really amazing! It shows the falseness of the rebel position that they state that the government of Libya is a tyrany and therefore worthy of being overthrown by force.  Yet, they promise to honor all contracts, business deals, and international agreements of the former(so called illegal) government.  Why? Because they state that these agreements were signed by the soveriegn State of Libya! By the way, is it legal to attempt to overthrow the US government by force?  Is it legal to conspire to overthrown the French or British governments?  Is it legal to fire upon German government troops or to attack Italian police forces?  If a group of persons in the USA, France, England, Germany or Italy attacked those governments with guns and bombs, then those sovereign governments would put down those rebels with immediate force.  Yes, even to the point of firing upon civilians!  Are there two systems here?  Did Gadalhfi randomly torture his citizens, did his secret police operate a Dachau, or a Secret Siberian prison camp system? Did the Law in Libya state that being a Christian was a crime?  If a Muslin in Libya converted to Christianity was he or she liable to beheading?  I understand Lockerbie and the tragedy of those innocent people.  But do we overthrow a national government after accepting the “blood” money.  By the way in the Arab World and among Muslims the payment of the “blood” money is itself the punishment.  So, according to their own rules, he who did the crime already “paid” the time.  Now I don’t agree with that idea, but that’s the way they see it.  So, What are we doing there, other than destroying the army, navy and police forces of a sovereign State, and laying waste a nation so that unknown and inexperienced “rebels” whose allegience may be to Al Qaida, gain control of the largest known oil reserves in North Africa?  Could that rebel government use the revenue of that oil to fund an Islamic revolution against all “Western” interests in the area, maybe the world? Our government is acting naively in creating in Libya, chaos, havoc and a fertile ground for a terrorist government.  By the way, Afghanistan has no oil, and we overthrew the Taliban because we thought of them as our enemy.  Well, if Al Qaida controls Libya, then will we need to commit ground troops to oust them a decade from


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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