Russia Wants Help of Roman Catholic Church!

On my blog at I chronicled the movement of the Russian Orthodox East toward the Roman Catholic West.  Now, the visit of the President of Russia to the Pope is the latest and very highly significant event in this process.  The Russians have experienced what  the West Europeans and Americans are feverishly pursuing.  They finally emerged from their 70 year slavery to Communist Socialism.  And they intend never to go back.  Therefore, they see hope in only one place, it is the home of their one time arch enemy, the Christian Church.  Like Saint Paul, the one time persecutors of the Church have had a Damascus Road experience.  They now embrace the Church as a haven of sanity in an insane world and having experienced the dictatorship of Utopian Socialist Dictators like Lenin and Stalin, the Russians now see that the formerly Christian Europeans are blindly following materialism and liberal socialism into their own enslavement.  So, the Russians have already turned to their native religion, Russian Orthodoxy and Russian Orthodoxy has reached out to Pope Paul II and now to Benedict XVI.  They want to join hands and cooperate and collaborate on joint missions because they realize that rampant Secularism and resurgent radical Islamic Jihadism is a very dire threat to peace, freedom and stability.

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