Wisconsin Governor Does His Job

In Wisconsin, Republican Governor Scott Walker championed a bill that would make public workers bargain for wages alone and require them to pay 5.6 percent of their pension costs; they pay nothing now. They would have to foot 12 percent of their healthy care premiums, up from 6 percent. Police and firefighters wouldn’t be covered by the measure, which Republican legislative leaders had hoped to pass by the weekend. Yesterday, University of Wisconsin-Madison students walked out of classes at the urging of student government and campus newspapers and marched to the Capitol. There, they joined protesters who filled the rotunda to chant, bang drums and sing, and spilled outside.Two things stand out about this article.  First is the very modest scope of the proposed law.  It contains what the rest of the non union citizens of the nation are required to do.  All of the people who are non union make contributions to their health care! (or they have modest health plans instead.)  Do the Unions want the special treatment that because they do not work for private companies they don’t need to pay what everybody else pays.  And PENSIONS. Come on, who hears anything about pensions anymore.  The vast majority of people do not have free employer paid pensions.  They need to pay into a 401 K with their (pretax) salary and if they are very lucky they get a match of 5% from the company.  The unions get 100% tax payer supported pensions.  THOSE DAYS ARE OVER for the rest of the nation so the public employees had better (as 78 Year Old Richard Luger said) GET REAL.  Oh yes, there is a third item.  The students who were urged by their student government.  Is that a State supported tax payer funded public university?  Are the teachers and other employees salaried and tenured by the Tax Payers?  Are we supposed to actually believe that it wasn’t the teachers themselves who encouraged the students to be absent and join the protest?  This calls for an investigation of the teachers.  And I am sure when the investigation starts there will be cries of “Academic freedom” and all the liberal socialist communist shouting about the conservatives and of course the new bogey man, the tea party movement.  Let the investigation begin because the taxpayers are not paying the State University teachers to foment and incite public demonstrations against their employer.  And if the teachers are found to be at  fault let there be an administration reprimand and the threat of removal of tenure.  After all, tenure itself should be removed, it is a reward for the indolent and promotes slackers. By the way, there are millions of people out of work.  I hear it is cold in Wisconsin but the property values are way down.  So if the walkouts are followed by strikes and organized work stoppages, FIRE THEM.  There are millions waiting to take their public tax paid jobs.  The base line is this:  If we are going to get out of the mess we have put ourselves in, then it requires that we all work together.  If each special interest group is going to tenaciously hold on their privileges and insist that the “other guy/gal” take the hit, well it ain’t gonna work and we are all going down the crapper.  This reform is very modest and very reasonable and instead of forcing the Wisconsin government to lay off 6600 workers, the unions should cooperate.  And for those who say, let “them” lay us off we will just get public paid unemployment dollars instead.  Beware! that pot of free gold is quickly disappearing.  Last point, and for those who think the Chinese are going to come here to become our bosses think again they have their own billions of workers to employ.  Oh, they HAVE ALREADY come.  What do you think the Chinese leader was doing here last month?  He visited his chief manager Obama.  Then he talked to his area managers the Geithners and the Hilarys. And as he left he took a tour of his land holdings, farms, cities, factories and he encouraged the “workers” to work harder.  Obama said we needed to change, well this is a big part of that change.  It’s called REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH.  Ask Him.


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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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