About Senator Scott Brown

Sad story and I am sorry for him and now that (for whatever reason) he has gone public, I am sorry for his family. Look, I am a Republican and I just don’t see what his abuse has to do with anything or anyone, other than himself. Now, let me say. I was not abused. But I was disciplined. I was not abused but I witnessed domestic fighting and hollering and even physical pushing and knocking around. I was not abused but I witnessed the use of the strap and it was not pretty. I was not abused but I saw the destructive efforts of alcohol. So I must ask the question, why does someone go public with their very sad and horrific story of abuse? I really am confused. Look, we know it happens. We know it is bad. We have plenty of educational material and social service, religious and governmental agencies to address it. And let me be very clear, I do not believe it should ever be in the closet. None the less, what’s the point for Senator Scott Brown to make these revelations, now? I don’t understand. It seemed like he had handled it all. It seemed like he was a well adjusted individual who had coped with the problems of his life, come out on top and moved on. Now we see it differently. And Yes, I am sorry for him and as I said, for his family. But what’s the point? Are we supposed to take his example as our example and all rush out and confess and lament about all of the various forms of difficulty we survived as children. Hell, I could do that. But I am not a Senator and I just don’t see the point. I mean there is a trace of self centeredness in public officials revelations of their childhood trauma. So, what? I really don’t know what to make of this?! I am sorry for him, but although some would say he was courageous to “out” this private and personal information, I do not call that courage. Yes, if he privately told his wife. And Yes, if he prepared and warned his children. But to go to the public media and tell your story. What’s the point?

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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