Why Is the Obama Admin. refusing to work with the Republicans?

Regarding the judgement by a federal judge in Florida! Is the full decision of the judge available on the Internet? It seems like the media is trying to sway opinion by using one analogy concerning food and thereby highlighting only one of many examples used by the Judge. Although I think the coverage is relatively fair, it’s bias is to cast the ruling as something lighthearted, light weight and not to be taken seriously. However, Mark Levin read quotes from the last ten pages of the ruling that cast it as a very weighty ruling that declares the law to be IN FACT unconstitutional and therefore, by the internal logic of the ruling the government is told to stop the implementation of the law until the Supreme Court decides. However, the article says that the Obama Justice Department tells the government and orders(?) the States to proceed with the full inmplementation of the law. So, we need clarity and more thorough reporting of WHAT the Federal judge actually said and not just the Brocoli illustration and we need to know why the Obama Administration holds the Court in contempt by going full speed ahead and ordering the States to do the same. Politics aside, the law has already been repealed by one house of the Congress and predictably ignored by the Senate on a procedure vote. It was found unconstitutional by two Federal judges and okayed by another two. What’s the rush to implementation? I thought we were a nation of laws and that the Feds had to obey the court’s in questions of contitutionality? When the States disobeyed the courts in the Civil rights era the Feds called out the troops, as they should have. Now when things go against Obama, he chooses to ignore the court, hold it in contempt and go full speed ahead. Wait, let the congress and the Supreme Court decide before we march straight into a situation of health care chaos. Really, the best, easiest and most effecective way is to repeal this very flawed law, NOW and to work seriously and in a truly bi partisan way to enact the needed reforms. Must the democrats continue to be the party of self reighteousness and refuse to work with the Republicans? The only losers are the people.

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Retired army chaplain, Rotarian, moderately right of center on most issues, big on self reflection and self analysis.

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