Mueller Team is Attacking USA Citizen Voters

The Office of the Special Prosecutor is a politically motivated inquisition that attacks the rights of citizen voters. In USA we have the privileged right to free and fair elections. This is something we have taken for granted. But the charge was made after the election of Donald Trump that the Russian bogeyman had “hacked” the election. The inference was that Russian government agents had somehow gotten into the voting machines and changed the result.
I remember, upon reading this, that I went to my local precinct and asked if our voting machines in New Jersey were hooked up to the Internet. The absolute answer was “definitely not.” So, I wondered what the people were talking about when they used “hacking” in their announcements. It was painfully obvious to me that the agents instigating this Special Prosecutor wanted people to believe that the results of the election were rigged by Russia in order for Donald Trump to win.
I called relatives and asked them if their voting machines were Internet connected. Most did not know, although, some said that the machines were “stand alone” and not connected. I concluded that the machines could not be “hacked” and the actual votes cast changed. So, it was not a wonder that Jill Steins efforts to prove such a thing led to the conclusion that no voting machine results were changed.
It was about that time that I began to hear a change in the “Russian bogeyman” narrative. There was a shift from “hacked” to “influenced.” So, I listened more closely and discovered the claim that persons inside of Russia used computer machine code and automatic programs to post messages on Facebook and Twitter and other social media. These messages were meant to “influence” voters to vote for one candidate against another candidate. And there was the accusation that “Vlad” Putin, the leader of Russia, was personally involved in this effort to “influence” the opinions of USA voters. Is that a crime? Hadn’t Obama sent a team to assist the opposition candidate to Netanyahu for purposes of defeating the Israeli candidate? Had not the USA invaded Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein? Didn’t USA and NATO bomb and assist in the murder of Gaddaffi? Hadn’t there been a USA “School of the Americas” that trained dictators in South America and helped Pinochet and others to overthrow Latin American governments? And,
Frankly, I was amazed at the arrogance of the “Arab Spring” speech of President Obama, and subsequent actions against Mubarak in Egypt. I was flabbergasted by the payment of billions to Iran, (cash that was transported to them by the pallet load.) So, with these reflections of our own history, I began to wonder who would want to overturn a USA Election. I asked myself if it was remotely possible that our own FBI, CIA and other “spy” agencies could want to keep their power and cover-up their activities by creating a new crime (collusion) and fabricating a “bogeyman” with the intention of frightening the populace and successfully overthrowing the elected government of the USA.
It is a frightening thought but one which I am now convinced in true. Leaders in the “spy” community like Clapper and Brennen, and people in the FBI community like Comey and McCabe decided to attack the freedom of citizen voters and remove their validly and freely elected President. The Mueller inquisition was the result of their conspiracy. With the addition of many others of like mind they formed a cabal of zealots who were convinced that the citizen voters had made the wrong decision and that it was their patriotic duty to overthrow
the recently elected administration. They couldn’t do it by force because they had not infiltrated the military. So, they did by propaganda, and use of the vast “spy” networks and FBI.
Why? Because they are people who think they are right and know what is best for others. They do it because they are totally convinced that the citizen voters are deplorable, rednecks, ignorant and easily manipulated by others. The voters are fools and irredeemable. Therefore, they think they must “save” America by destroying the legitimately elected President for purposes of restoring what they think is a return of sanity and liberty to the nation. Sadly, these conspirators do not see that their “salvation” for the nation is actually a direct attack against the freedoms they think they are defending. It is actually, treason and tyranny, disguised as loyalty and democracy.
As of this writing, this attempted overthrow of the citizen voter’s decision has not been accomplished. At times, the news is frightening and this writer wonders if America is still strong enough to outsmart those of the “deep state” who are using our government against us. Sometimes, he wonders if there is anyone with integrity and honor left in the Department of Justice, the FBI or the CIA? But there is hope because, at least for now, there is Twitter and FB and other Internet based communications which allow freedom of information. But for how long? Will these avenues of citizen protest be shut down and the citizens rights of Internet assembly cancelled- all in the name of “fairness, and in order to “protect” the freedoms that these media allow?
A solution? Awareness. Thinking for yourself and not what Media tell you to think. Use of your God given freedom to vote in the 2018 election and to defeat those in Congress and Senate who are intent on defeating you. After all, this is still America. And our elected President is standing fast against sinister forces who think their cause is just and who believe that their lies and inquisitions, backed by the misuse of our law and its powers, is justified because they know what’s best for the deplorable, ignorant, easy fooled, citizen voters of the USA.


Voting citizens need to stay alert and remember those who despise them.

The writing of so called reporters is nasty gossip and petty hatred.  It is the amplification of whispers that normally would be ignored. Today we were greeted by the headline that Vincente Fox mocked our President for going on vacation.  Really? Who in the world is Vincente Fox and why should we care?  Why would our news people report his nasty comment.  Vincente Fox is not a citizen of the USA and he is not a world leader and he is not a mega business person.  He is a one time President of Mexico. (emphasis on the idea of “one time”.)  So, does anybody really know him or has the media before cared about him or his opinions?  No! While he was President of Mexico and since he lost that position, the media has not cared about former Mexican President Vincente Fox.  But that changed with the free and fair election of President Donald Trump by deplorable and unredeemable Americans.  The media,  who want to hurt America and our freely elected President use this non citizens comments to insult our President.  He is a convenience to them for their gossip.  But the American citizen voter should not and most likely, does not care.

So, why do I write about his insignificant person and the use of his mocking criticism.  I am very disheartened by the conscious and consistent desire of our reporters to seek, find, and broadcast anything and everything they can unearth in order thereby to defame, besmirch and ridicule our President.  It is cheap.  It is petty,  and it feels dirty.  It also insults and  hurts  those good American voters who freely and fairly elected him President of the nation.   Reporters seem to agree with the names placed upon these voters by Democrat, liberal name callers.  Such as the labels: deplorable, unredeemable, red-neck, blue collar, ignorant, bigoted, homophobic, racist, and the list goes on.

What’s the end result?  For this writer, it is producing fear.  Yes, I am growing afraid that the dark forces of political antagonism and the Democrat political refusal to accept the results of our 2016 election will produce a media fostered and newspaper backed overthrow of the Administration.  How, by the use of the Nazi methods of lies, “fake news” and a coordinated, consistent and continued propaganda campaign of  hate which undermines our democracy and will usher in the thing they say they fear, “political dictatorship.”

Other than the Media, how is this being done?  It is done by introducing new “crimes” such as this thing called “collusion.”  It is also fostered by an insistence that impeachment proceeding must begin before there is any evidence of a crime.  It is supported by the politicizing of the legal system as a means of accomplishing a political vendetta. This corruption of the legal system by use of “Special Prosecutors” undermines the rule of law. The corrupters, however,  loudly proclaim that the politicizing and corruption of the law is “the right thing to do.”

What can be done?  I believe the American voter still has the power of the ballot.  It is time to flush out of office those who are self serving resistors of the election.  It is time to hold our Senators and Congress people responsible and accountable for undermining the election and hindering the progress that the voters mandated.  It is also time to support and defend our decision and therefore, our President, against all subversive agents foreign and domestic.  This will include obstructionist judges, Attorney’s General of the States, and Mayors and Governors who think that the results of the Civil War and the triumph of the national government do not apply to liberals or Democrats of so called “sanctuary cities and States.”

The voters still have a chance to win this battle.  The voting machines were not compromised.  The votes were not changed.  At least not yet.  And definitely not by any Russian bogeymen.  So, please stay alert. Note and remember those in government who are fostering disunity and disintegration of our freely and fairly elected administration.  In 2018 vote them out and replace them with conscientious American patriots who love their nation and cherish its freedoms more than they love their party or themselves.

France and USA are Always Partners and Always will be Partners.

“For the 39-year-old Macron, France’s youngest leader since Napoleon two centuries ago, the visit is a chance to use soft diplomacy to win Trump’s confidence and set about influencing U.S. foreign policy, which European leaders say lacks direction.
Macron views it as counter-productive to isolate the United States on the world stage, and progress may be made on joint approaches to counter-terrorism and security.
But any breakthrough on trickier issues such as Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate change deal and his “America First” trade policy are unlikely.
“What Emmanuel Macron wants to do is bring Trump back into the circle so that the United States, which remains the world’s number one power, is not excluded,” French government spokesman Christophe Castaner told BFM TV.”

The above quote from an Internet article ignores the very important fact of the friendship and cooperation between France and the USA.  It started during the settlement of the New “America” when French settlers, fur traders and business people helped settle large areas of the future USA.  It continued with French help to us during the revolution against England when the French navy prevented the English navy from resupply to Yorktown.  Of course, we have the first and second world wars.  This history of Franco/American friendship has not significantly changed.

However, this writer finds it amazing to have the reporter make the above quote that the G-20 is sidelining and ostracizing the USA because “they” think our President’s policies lack direction.  My objection is the reporter’s uncritical and wholehearted acceptance of this propaganda.  Who among the G20 leaders said that they wanted to keep the USA isolated?  I feel this opinion is grossly exaggerated as indicted by the reporter’s acknowledgement that the USA is the “world’s number one power.”  How does one make the slip from excluding the USA from the “circle” and saying the USA is the world’s number one power.  I do not mean this is a prideful way, such as to say “we are the biggest so you other boys better play it my way.”  Do not mean that at all. However, the obsequious nature of the reporter’s inference that USA needs France to coach us back into the “inner circle of Europe” is absurd.  It is even patronizing to the “worlds number one power” to state that we need to be treated like little children because “they” think our President’s policy lacks “direction.”  It is more likely that our President is a new leader with a new non globalist policy- a policy that the patronizing Europeans do not like.  And of course, if Europeans don’t like something American, there will always be reporters who spin the USA position as “upstart” “petulant” “lacking in direction.”

Actually, when I think of these European elitist’s criticism of  the USA, I find that it has always been that way as European politicians observe “brash and crude” American policies.  Maybe, we should regard it as a compliment to our independence.  A compliment that we return to our friends, the French, who are themselves often criticized for their “distinctly French ways.”  I don’t pretend to speak French but in English I think the phrase is “Life to the difference”

Ceasefire in Syria is Start Of Real Peace

This ceasefire in Syria is a result of the meeting of President Putin and President Trump. It is only the beginning. Both of these leaders are serious about bringing peace to Syria and to the Mid East. It is in their best interest and the best interest of the suffering people of the area. These innocent people have been the proxies for ISIS,  the Free Syria mercenary forces of the CIA, and for Russia and Obama during the eight years of the “Arab Spring” President. President Assad was legally elected and the UN observers certified the election. However, in our day, Syria like the USA, has die hard activiists who will not accept the will of the voters but will fight to undo Assad and seize power for themselves. (Remember that Syria and the government of Assad were for many years used by CIA for rendition)!! before we turned on Assad and tried to kill him. The ceasefire is, hopefully, the start of USA and Russian agreement to back the legal government of Assad and focus efforts to defeat ISIS. This will, of course, mean abandoning the CIA created mercenary forces of the Free Syrian Army. Hopefully, they will be warned by us of this intention and removed from Syria before they are defeated. The long term effort will see that all of Syria will experience a focused effort to defeat ISIS and return civilian government control over all Syria. The resulting peace will bring massive international investment into Syria as the nation rebuilds cities now in ruble into modern cities of elegance and international importance. If handled properly, this investment and rebuilding will be guided by President Trump with cooperation from President Putin to the exclusion of the French, German, and British companies who are ready to pounce on the rebuilding and steal the business from USA and Russia.

Trumps ideas on cybersecurity

Frederick Schoenfeld · President at Christian Church Radio
New ideas and possibilities are always immediately rejected, mocked and ridiculed because the idea has never before been thought possible. Those who say “no way” are stuck in the old ways, like McCain is stuck in warmongering. President Trump is a new thinker, a possibility thinker who looks at old and decaying ideas and finds new answers and approaches. While the “NO” people are laughing at him and Putin, the Russian and American will end war in Syria and bring peace to the region with the help of the Saudi Arabians. If the Saudi Arabians are sincere ( and that is a question about them as the real enemy and not Russia.) By the way, did Merkel actually bow to the Saudi Prince. Shame if she did. Heads of State do not bow to representative of other States.

Trump is Right, Time to Move Forward

The Cold War is over and we do not want it back. The Russian people were our allies in WWII and played a big part in the defeat of Nazism. Millions of their people died in that war and millions more in the Communist time. Now, we are beyond that and President Putin and Russia are no longer our enemies. They are economic partners and can be political partners versus the insanity that is modern Germany, France and England, places burdened with Muslim hordes. President Trump went to Poland, which is a bridge between Europe and Russia, aka, the West and East of Europe. His inspiring speech called for affirmation of Western “Christian” heritage and spiritual values. But this does not and is not regarded by Russia as excluding them from Europe. Rather than continue the political myth of the Russian bogeyman, and rather than returning to the Cold War days of the Stalinist era, it is time to move forward. Russia and the USA can cooperate and collaborate on a number of key issues to include Syria. Peace in Syria under the UN supervised and legal election of Assad is very possible. We stop the bombs, and invest in rebuilding a modern Syria. Note that 22 thousand (yes thousand) bombs were dropped on Syria during the eight years of Obama. Russia has good relations with Assad government, which by the way, is the legal government of an independent and sovereign nation. Peace in Syria will allow Russia, USA, Iraq and others to focus on defeat of ISIS terrorism. Once ISIS is defeated the nations of the middle East, to include Morroco and Tunisia, Egypt and others can set a new course for themselves and with help for USA and Russia rebuild a stable and peaceful region where native people will prosper and even return from exile to live and contribute to a new North Africa. This ,combined with the new start in Saudi Arabia, and Secretary Tillerson’s efforts in the region, can eventually lead to realistic efforts in Palestine for a peace there. President Trump and President Putin have met. They have established trust and now we should build on that new relationship, forgetting any past propaganda about the Russians as bogeymen. That’s for silly children and the American citizen is not silly nor are they children. Rather, they are peace loving and peace promoting people who have elected President Trump to move forward exactly as he has already done.

In Reference to the Assistant Attorney Generals Comments

In sworn testimony, it is not enough to “promise to do the right thing.” That is a subjective answer to a question of fact and truth. The answer must be that he will ” tell nothing but that which can be proven by factual evidence without conjection, appraisal, or interpretation.” There is already too much of people who carry out their personal political agenda against President Trump and the voters who elected him. These people foster the Russian bogeyman theory because they feel they are “doing the right thing” but are really trying to hinder, obstruct, prevent or undo whatever the President does. They carry out these subversive activities against the citizens and the President because they think of Trump voters as irredeemable deplorables and “rednecks” who, like foolish little children, had a destructive temper tantrum and now need to be sent to detention and their actions undone. The whole purpose of this phoney “Russia probe” is to defeat the President. It is helped by a obsequious main stream media who love to hate Trump because it gives them content for their enterprise when there is nothinjg else about which to report.